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Wangguan Reserve of the Yellow River Wetland

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Updated: 2017-11-03

A part of the Yellow River Wetland National Nature Reserve spanning four cities in Henan province, Luoyang, Jiyuan, Jiaozuo and Sanmenxia, the Wangguan wetland was constructed in 2003.

Located at the Wangguan village of Binhu district, about six kilometers from the city center, the wetland is a heaven where migrating swans can enjoy a warm winter. Over 2,000 white swans rest in the wetland's 500 hectares each year.

Footpaths and balconies for bird watching have been built in recent years. The government established an island in the middle of a 1,300-mu (86.67 hectares) lake in 2015, planting grass and flowers on it to create an artificial habitat.

Wangguan Reserve of the Yellow River Wetland

Swans paddle in the Wangguan reserve of the Yellow River Wetland in Sanmenxia. [Photo/ henan.gov.cn ]

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