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Sanmenxia to ramp up their efforts in business attractions

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Updated: 2017-08-23

Authorities of the Sanmenxia Urban-Rural Integration Demonstration Zone have urged relevant departments to increase their efforts in business attractions.

The local officials have visited a slew of companies in eastern Chinese cities including Shanghai and Hangzhou to promote Sanmenxia's sound business environment as well as its preferential policies for business settlers.

Song Yue, secretary of the zone's Party working committee pointed this out at a recent meeting and praised the zone's progress in applying for a national high-tech zone status and power supply import.

Song then set out a work plan for the next phase to the relevant departments, including setting up of a gem trading center and an industrial development fund, as well as a series of military-civil integration projects.

Sanmenxia will give full play to its own strengths, establish the reward system and preferential policies, and strive to form an environment beneficial to investment, said Zhang Guanghui, deputy secretary of the zone's Party working committee.

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