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Sanmenxia to host old friends

By Huang Chenkuang( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-11-01

With the winter approaching, Sanmenxia in Henan province will be greeting some old friends—— bevies of white swans flying on a long journey from Siberia.

Boasting a huge area of wetlands and a well-preserved natural environment, Sanmenxia attracts thousands of swans as they migrate to the city's Swan Lake State Urban Wetland Park for winter. This yearly phenomenon has earned Sanmenxia the title of "the city of swans".

In order to greet their special old friends with a comfortable winter in Sanmenxia, the local government has adopted numerous corresponding measures.

The government has established a remote wireless monitoring system with facilities installed in four major regions around the wetland park, keeping 24-hour observation over it. While terraces and pathways were built for visitors, aquatic plants, including lotus, water lilies, reeds and rushes were planted to improve the living environment for the swans.

A group of 32 workers will take shift patrols around the park to guard against illegal hunting. The city forest public bureau, along with the wetland management office, will provide assistance at the same time.

Sanmenxia's gardens and forest bureau has prepared 90,000 kilograms of corns, and has arranged for workers to feed the swans according to a feeding schedule.

In addition, related departments have established strict disease control protocols for the region, ensuring timely diagnosis and treatment.

Publications about wetland conservation and swan protection are carried out proactively, to improve local resident's awareness.

The number of swans will keep increasing as the peak time for migration arrives between the end of December and the beginning of January.

Sanmenxia to host old friends

A flock of white swans paddle peacefully in Sanmenxia's Swan Lake State Urban Wetland Park. [Photo by Chen Wen/Sanmenxia Daily]

Sanmenxia to host old friends

A swan flies gracefully in Sanmenxia's Swan Lake State Urban Wetland Park. [Photo by Chen Wen/Sanmenxia Daily]

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