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Sanmenxia recruits swan envoys

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Updated: 2014-01-27

Sanmenxia recruits swan envoys

Swans rest at Yellow River Park in Sanmenxia. [Photo by Wang Xuguo/smx.gov.cn]

In order to further develop volunteer activities and promote the volunteer spirit in Sanmenxia, and give full play to the role of volunteers in ecological environment and swan protection, the Sanmenxia municipal committee of the Communist Youth League made an initiative to recruit volunteers within Sanmenxia.

Volunteer service scope

1. To conduct a volunteer inspection tour around the Yellow River wetland and Swan Lake and to publicize knowledge and regulations about wild animal protection to the public

2. To provide consulting services for tourists in terms of questions regarding Sanmenxia’s tourism resources and swan protection

3. To clean the swans’ living areas on a regular basis

Recruitment qualifications

1. The applicant should be a Sanmenxia resident between ages 18 to 35 and in good physical condition. 2. 2. The applicant should be disciplined and abide by the law and have no criminal record.

3. The applicant is asked to work with in a team and obey commands.

4. The applicant should take part in activities and pre-activity trainings voluntarily.

5. The applicant should have the skills and knowledge required by the volunteer services; they should be fluent in Mandarin; some special posts require English communication skills.

6. Applicants with work experience in a large-sized volunteer activity are preferred. Recruitment time: All year

Recruitment address: Room 211, Sanmenxia Polytechnics Office Building, Sanmenxia municipal committee of the Communist Youth League, Room 401, No 49, Xiaoshan Road, Sanmenxia

Contact No: 0086 398 2821253, 13603810832, 0086 398 2183563, 15239889124

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