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Ruzhou manages the environment of Xier River
By Liu Yiyi ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2015-01-04

The Xier River originated from the Ji Mountain, which is located at the junction of Ruzhou city and Dengfeng city in Henan province. The Chinese meaning of Xier is washing ears. The river is named after Xier because it is said that Xu You, a famous hermit who lived 4,500 years ago, washed his ears by the river.

Although the Xier River is not a big river, it conveys traditional Chinese culture and is a spiritual river that has fed Ruzhou residents for centuries.

Nowadays, rubbish floats on the surface of the Xier River. All kinds of trash and waste water that produce foul smells can be found everywhere along the Xier River. Residents hope that a specific department can manage the environment of the Xier River in time and give the river a new lease of life to beautify Ruzhou city.

With a total length of 36 kilometers, the Xier River crosses the urban area of Ruzhou city and merges with the North Ru River, covering 180 square kilometers.

When you talk about the Xier River in Ruzhou, many of the locals can recount legends about the river, helping to add mysterious features to this spiritual river that feeds the Ruzhou people.

According to the elder citizens who live along the Xier River, they used to pick herbs, herd sheep, and play with friends when they were young along the river. At that time, the river was like a stream on normal days, and it covered the whole river bed only in summer time. They often played in the river or chatted on the river bed when herding sheep.

The old time Xier River evokes beautiful memories. Nowadays, the situation of the Xier River makes residents sad.

Within a kilometer, the river bed is covered in weeds or else has been cultivated into land to grow vegetables by residents nearby. Part of the river dike has been destroyed. Other parts of the river dike have been formed into walkways to cross the river. Large amount of trash has piled up beside the collapsed river bank.

The sewage of residents who live along the river went directly into the Xier River through pipelines. The waste food from nearby restaurants also went directly into the river. Finally, all the waste and trash merged into the Ru River.

"When I worked in another city, I told my colleagues proudly that the Xier River and the Ru River were the landmarks of Ruzhou. But they told me that the Xier River is like a drainage ditch after they visited Ruzhou," Zhang, a Ruzhou resident, said disappointedly.

The Ruzhou Municipal Government has been working on the management of the environment of the Xier River since 1999. The government spared no effort to develop the river bank of the Xier River into a place for Ruzhou residents to relax, take a walk, jog, do exercise, and chat with friends.

According to a staff member of the Ruzhou Water Authority, the Xier River management project is in progress; and for now, the management project of some parts of the Xier River is under way.

According to the staff member, the part of the Xier River in the urban area is under their management. Residents dumping trash into the river increase the difficulty of their work.

Referring to the rubbish floating on the surface of the river, the staff member said the office would arrange for professionals to clean it up.

The staff member hoped all Ruzhou residents could protect the environment of the Xier River and stop dumping trash and waste into the river.

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