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Ruzhou launches discount pharmacies for low-income earners
By Liu Yiyi ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2014-12-19

A pharmacy providing medications with a discount price to low-income people was launched by Ruzhou Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and the Shengguangtongxin Pharmaceutical Corporation on Dec 8.

After the establishment of discount hospitals and discount supermarkets available to low-income people, Ruzhou is providing another preferential policy to help low-income workers by launching these discount pharmacies.

All low-income workers who hold a coupon card can enjoy a discount price when purchasing any kind of medications in any pharmacy stores of the Shengguangtongxin Pharmaceutical Corporation.

In addition, the pharmacy stores will provide low-income workers free services such as the measurement of blood pressure, blood glucose, bodyweight, and traditional Chinese medicine processing on certain dates.

Yan Zhanjun, a representative of a low-income group said that the coupon card provides discounts on medications, which helps to alleviate his family's economic burden. He also expressed his appreciation to the Ruzhou Municipal Federation of Trade Unions for all these years' assistance and help.

According to the director of the Ruzhou Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, they will document the information on as many as 4,100 low-income workers, issue them long-term coupon cards, and make sure they can enjoy discount prices to purchase medications anytime, anywhere.

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