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Ruzhou now home to over 50,000 micro-enterprises
By Liu Yufen ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2014-01-22

Statistics from the Ruzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce show that there are now 52,940 micro-enterprises in Ruzhou, Central China's Henan province.

The city's small and micro-businesses soared in the past year. Not only growing in quantity, the enterprises also became involved in higher-level mechanization, science and technology businesses. Some sectors include processing and manufacturing, trade and logistics, and information technology.

In order to promote a favorable environment for the micro-businesses, the Ruzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce has established various measures to solve problems related to policies, capital, technology, personnel and information.

In 2013, it carried over 60 in-depth research projects and visited 212 member enterprises to better understand their needs. Meanwhile, the federation selected 36 members to stand for discipline inspection and taxation supervisors after communicating with related governmental departments. The selection will help improve the development environment for the businesses. The federation also worked as a go-between for the businesses, providing multi-channel communication with the municipal government’s functional units. It has helped more than 100 micro and small companies connect with Ruzhou Rural Commercial Bank, the administration for industry and commerce, and the municipal post bureau.

The federation also worked as a legal consultancy service center to help solve legal disputes.

Through the federation's work to share information with peers at other federations and trade fairs, a total of 56 cooperative projects were achieved in the past year. Its legal and consulting services are an indispensable part of the federation.

Ruzhou's rural population accounts for a large proportion of the total. As a result, the Ruzhou Industry and Commerce Federation stressed the development of chambers of commerce at lower levels, for example, at the county level.

Promoting the industry associations is also a focus for the federation, with 21 industrial associations established based on its direction.

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