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Ru porcelain and Purple Clay “tie the knot”
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Updated: 2011-10-24

Xu Sihai, a world famous Purple Clay Teapots (Zisha) master, came to Ruzhou a few days ago to exchange ideas on ceramic art with Li Tinghuai, a ceramic master of Ru porcelain. His intention was to develop Ru porcelain masterpieces.

In ceramic circles, Li Tinghuai came under the limelight after he successfully developed the porcelain emulating Northern Song Zhanggongxiang official ware. He has successfully researched and developed four glazing colors, including Ruyao egg blue, moon white, pea green and jade green of Northern Song Zhanggongxiang official ware.

He also created more than 300 types of Ru porcelain bottles, censers, bowls, plates, animals and human statues figures in a total of 11 categories, among which 19 series of products including Hikyuu, and censers with jewelry and ancient coins on it won national appearance design patents. Xu Sihai is good at integrating calligraphy paintings and seal characters into pot making, and is well-known overseas since his Purple Clay series masterpieces won a golden award for design at the 2010 Shanghai Expo.

Li Tinghuai said:“Purple Clay has an advantage in modeling and craftsmanship, while Ru porcelain has an edge in glazing colors. This time I intend to talk with Xu regarding to further development of everyday porcelain and carrying out exhibitions and business cooperation in Shanghai.”

On the site of Ru porcelain, Xu Sihai gave guidance on the modeling of Ru porcelain, and discussed innovation with Li Tinghuai. In the future, Xu Sihuai and Li Tinghuai will team up to change the rough appearance of Ru porcelains and strive to create new classic Ru porcelain works.

Edited by Fu Bo and Tania Lee

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