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Ru porcelain craft listed into intangible cultural heritage
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Updated: 2011-09-30

On Sept 1, the Ru porcelain firing craft was listed into the third batch of intangible cultural heritages under national protection by the State Council.

On Aug 27, the provincial culture department declared that the Ru porcelain firing craft, applied jointly by Ruzhou city and Baofeng county, had been listed into the third batch of national intangible cultural heritages. Relevant staff needed to go to Beijing and attend the ceremony at the Great Hall of People for conferring honorary licenses.

To date, Ruzhou city has already four national intangible cultural heritages, which are the Majie storytelling fair, Jiaxian bronze ware, Baofeng liquor brewing craft, and Ru porcelain firing craft.

Edited by Fu Bo and Tania Lee

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