Bai Juyi in Longmen gets Golden Rooster nomination

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Updated: 2015-08-26

Bai Juyi in Longmen, a documentary funded by Central Studio of News Reels Production and Longmen Grottoes management committee, has been listed for the best documentary film category nominations in the 30th China Golden Rooster Award.

The nomination list was announced recently. The film narrates the life story of Bai Juyi (AD 772-846), a famous poet who lived during the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907). Bai Juyi led a miserable life in his early days, but went on to become an official later. However, he was dismissed from his post and made to spend the last 18 years of his life in Luoyang. After his death, he was buried in the Dongshan Hill in Longmen, Luoyang.

<EM>Bai Juyi in Longmen</EM> gets Golden Rooster nomination
A screenshot of the film Bai Juyi in Longmen

The documentary, takes Bai's late years in Luoyang as the main line, and highlights his great poems, tells the ups and downs of his life story. The shooting of the film had started in 2003 in Luoyang city. And the Longmen Grottoes' scenic area remains one of the main background scenes in the film.

Gao Feng, the head of Central Studio of News Reels Production and the producer of the film, said, "Bai Juyi left the marks of the last years of his life in the land of Luoyang – there was passions for love, the 'Parting in Life, Separation by Death' with friends, the rotation of fate, and persistence in faith."

Bai Juyi in Longmen was premiered in March, 2014, at Luoyang, Central China's Henan province. The 2015 Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival will open on September 16 in Northeast China's Jilin city, and conclude on September 19.

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